Tokyo SuperStar AwardsはLGBTカルチャーにスポットを当て、人種やバックグラウンドの違いを乗り越え、社会とLGBTの架け橋を築いた”スーパースター”たちを讃えます。

Tokyo SuperStar Awardsは2010年に設立されたアワードで「日本のLGBTの可視化」「多様性尊重の経営に取り組む企業・プロダクトの紹介」「LGBTコミュニティから未来を担う日本の子どもたちの支援」の3つの活動を展開するプロジェクトの総称です。


The Tokyo SuperStar Awards shine the spotlight on LGBT culture, and honor those who act as bridges between LGBT society and society at large, embracing their differences.

“Tokyo SuperStar Awards is an awards gala established in 2010 with the following three goals in mind: “Increased Visibility for the LGBT Community in Japan,” “The Introduction of Organizations and Projects that Support Diversity,” and “Support from the LGBT Community for Children, the Future of Japan.”

Through the Tokyo SuperStar Awards, we hope to increase the number of opportunities for people to learn about LGBTs in Japan and about individuals or groups who are contributing to the advancement of equality and social acceptance for LGBTs. In addition, we aim to introduce companies who support the LGBT community. By doing this, we hope to build a continuously growing relationship between the LGBT community and our ally companies. Lastly, through this awards event, we, the LGBT community, hope to support children, who are the future of Japan.